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Custom Glass Table Top Replacements

We offer affordable glass table top replacements for broken chipped or cracked table tops in your home or office. Many of our customers want to protect a new table, desk or valuable antique. Whether you need a table top glass replacement or a glass top to protect that valuable furniture or heirloom, we have an affordable option that is right for you. Clear plate glass is what is most commonly used when resting on top of a table or desk. If your glass table top is just supported around the edges or has just a few support points, then tempered glass may be what is preferred.  Often times in homes with young children tempered safety glass offers a level a protection from cuts or injuries. Both types of glass come in a wide array of colors and edgework. Popular colors are clear, bronze or gray with either a beveled, flat polished or round ground edge. Contact Rapid Glass to help or visit our home glass gallery to view some options.