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Auto Glass Repair |
Apple Valley MN

Auto Glass Repair Apple Valley

At Rapid Glass, we’ve been lucky to provide Apple Valley residents with same day auto glass repair and replacement for over two decades. Money Magazine declared Apple Valley the 17th best place to call home in the U.S., and it’s also a great place to work.

Whether you are at home or at work, our specialists are available for speedy mobile service whenever you’re in a bind. No matter how quickly you need service, our team will guide you through the ins and outs of auto glass repair and replacement. Discover how you can get fast, quality mobile service today!

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Lifetime Warranty: Rapid Glass provides a written lifetime warranty on its windshield replacements and installations. Many glass shops may “say” that it’s covered, but we actually put it in writing.
Insurance: At Rapid Glass, we handle all of the paperwork for you and assist you with calling your insurance company or their third party verification service. We can cut through all of their slick language to help you get the full benefits that your insurance policy provides.

Testimonial: “Jennifer was very helpful with assisting me with my auto glass repair in Apple Valley today. She contacted the insurance company for me and confirmed that I did not have a deductible and it would not cost me anything. Great Company!” Brian R, Apple Valley, MN (★★★★★)

Tip: Does My Insurance Cover This?

The answer–it depends. Most vehicles in Minnesota have full glass coverage with no deductible. Typically if you have comprehensive coverage, your insurance will cover auto glass repairs in the case of hail, vandalism, collisions, falling branches or rocks thrown up by other vehicles. Your insurance may include “auto glass” in its policy, but it may have a deductible, which is extremely rare in Minnesota. We can assist you with the process and verify if you have a deductible, if you call us first. Our team members work with insurance companies every day and would be happy to help.

Even if you’re not covered, we can find ways to fix your windshield without breaking the bank. Often times, we can save you money by performing an auto glass repair, using a clear resin injected into the outer layer of your glass. Contact us to find out more.

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