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Glass Repair |
Edina MN

Home Glass Repair For Edina

Customers in Edina appreciate our rapid service and high quality work, and like having a friendly local glass repair company that’s proven itself to customers throughout the area.

What Are You Looking For?

Window Repair
Glass Shower Doors
Glass Table Tops
Glass Doors
Custom Glass and Mirrors
Glass Shelves and Cabinets

Our team can help you decide on your next steps, providing quotes, consultations and more. Give us a call or contact us online to learn more.

What People Are Saying About Us

“Very friendly and professional service. I will recommend your window repair company to everyone I know. Thank you for the free quote and fast service.” Frank P, Edina, MN (★★★★★)

Tip: Should I File a Claim for My Broken Window?
That has become a tricky question. As insurance deductibles continue to rise, it’s increasingly less expensive to fix the window out of your own pocket. Most home window glass repairs and replacements are more affordable than your homeowners deductible anyway.

Worse For Minnesotans

Due to recent spikes in claims, Minnesota is one of the least friendly states when it comes to home insurance premium hikes resulting from a claim. Contact Rapid Glass and request an estimate from your glass repair specialists. Armed with this information, you should know whether or not to make a claim.

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