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Auto Glass Repair |
Minneapolis MN


Auto Glass Repair & Replacement

When you need a Minneapolis auto glass repair or windshield replacement, you need it fast. If you’re living or working in the most populated city in Minnesota, likely your meter’s running or you’re parked in a lot or on a side road. You may not have time to leave work or move you car, because you may lose your parking spot. If you want fast, same day auto glass service no matter where you may be in the Minneapolis area or surrounding suburbs, give Rapid Glass a call to get the quick auto glass service you need.

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Lifetime Warranty: Whenever you make a purchase, it’s nice to have peace of mind. That’s why our auto glass comes with a warranty greatly exceeding the minimum requirements of your insurance company. You’ll be able to rest easy knowing you got quality auto glass and fast service.

Insurance: At Rapid Glass, we guarantee no out of pocket expense unless you have a deductible, which we will verify for you beforehand. Our insurance claims verification specialist will guide you through the process and handle all of the paperwork for you.

Testimonials: “We needed an emergency auto glass repair in Minneapolis due to vandals that broke our side window glass. Rapid Glass was the only company that responded quickly to our request and was able to come out and fix our glass the same day. Thank you for caring.” Norma J, St Paul, MN (★★★★★)

Tip: Do you really need a windshield replacement?
Our auto glass repair specialists can usually repair existing glass, saving you some green. Though each case is different, the general rule is if it is a crack, especially larger than a dollar bill, a replacement is usually recommended. If it has a chip, it should be smaller than an inch in diameter (about the size of a quarter) for a quality windshield repair. The sooner you address a crack in the windshield the better. Cracks will increase in size especially during extreme weather and temperature fluctuations.

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