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Auto Glass Repair |
Coon Rapids MN


Coon Rapids Auto Glass Repair

For years, we’ve serviced the Coon Rapids area, providing quick and quality auto glass repair. Our offices are just a “stone’s throw” from the Mississippi River and the Coon Rapids Dam. Whatever kind of auto glass repair or windshield replacement that is needed, our friendly staff will provide a hassle free experience at an affordable price. Feel free to stop by, or if you prefer, we can come to you. Call today or schedule an appointment to experience our fast same day service.

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Lifetime Warranty Because we have a location in Coon Rapids, you can drive in during rainy or snowy conditions, should the very rare situation occur when you may need to take advantage of our industry leading Lifetime Warranty.

Insurance We specialize in assisting you with your insurance claim. You can either drive into our local office, or we can come to you anywhere in the Twin Cities area. Either way, we will work with your insurance company and make sure you are getting the full benefit that your insurance policy provides.

Testimonials: “I wanted to let you know how helpful Lisa was when we needed our auto glass repaired during such a cold snowy day. It was great to be able to drive right in and have a warm cup of copy while waiting for my car to be repaired.” Henry A, Coon Rapids, MN (★★★★★)

Tip: Keeping Auto Glass Healthy and Your Body Safe

Auto glass is a bit different from home glass. It’s made of two thin sheets of glass fused together by a plastic membrane. Auto glass absorbs the shock of harsh impacts. The membrane between the two layers keeps the glass from breaking away. It’s important that your auto glass is healthy (uncompromised). That’s why we recommend consulting an auto glass service company if you believe your glass isn’t up to snuff.

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