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Glass Repair |
Bloomington MN


Home Glass Repair Bloomington

As the fourth largest city in the state, we’ve been to Bloomington plenty of times for glass repair and replacements. Whatever the need–window repair, shower doors, table tops, custom mirrors, shelves, cabinets and glass doors–we have you covered.

What Service Are You looking for?

Window Repair
Glass Shower Doors
Glass Table Tops
Glass Doors
Custom Glass and Mirrors
Glass Shelves and Cabinets

Our Work

What will your new glass look like in your home? Get an idea with our home glass repair and replacement gallery. See the glass replacements and repairs our specialists made in Bloomington area homes like yours.

What People Are Saying About Us

“It was a great feeling to know that someone could come out to our home and repair our broken window glass on-site. When calling around, everyone told us we had to bring the window to them. Luckily Rapid Glass was able to come to our home and install new insulated glass without us having to be without a window and keeping our home safe and protected from the weather.” Allen E, Bloomington, MN (★★★★★)

Glass Replacement Tip: Temporarily Fixing Small Window Breaks

Even small breaks are enough to have you pulling at your hair. Cold air, hot air, critters and bugs are all seizing the opportunity to find a way into your temperature controlled habitat. Keep these nuisances out with some clear shipping tape.

  1. Begin by covering up your hands. Nothing works better than a pair of nice work gloves.
  2. Gently press edges of glass to see if they can still support the application of tape. You’ll know if it can’t when the glass cracks or breaks. If the area can’t support the application of tape, this solution won’t likely work.
  3. Gently apply tape over the break on each side of the window (if able).

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